With many years experience teaching, at all the different stages of development, our carefully designed workshops can be tailored to your requirements.  

We can creatively link and adapt our workshops to the National Curriculum and the Key Stages.
Embedding key skills at every opportunity we can also extend beyond Key Stage 4 into A Level and Further Education where larger scale 3D experimentation and sculptural mediums are often a requirement.  
Our workshops, at all levels, have delivered some impressive results. 
Sara has a lot of experience working with SEN students. Attention to differentiation and inclusiveness  has achieved good outcomes, for many students with complex needs. 

                                                                         Living Willow Workshops

These workshops are seasonal and run from Early December to the end of April (willow cutting and planting season)

 A one or two day interactive project will involve pupils and staff and can be linked to the National Curriculum and the Key Stages.
Students will be shown how to mark out, plant and construct a living willow dome, teepee or tunnel. They can help to build the structure using various weaving techniques and will also be taught about the care and maintenance required for a structure to grow and evolve.
Why not check out our BLOG post which talks about the BENEFITS of planting LIVING WILLOW STRUCTURES