About us

Sara Holmes

Sara was born by the sea, on the South Coast of England, to creative parents. Her mother was a ballet dancer and her father was an illustrator and cabinet maker. These influences can be seen in the figurative style of her work and the natural materials she uses.

Sara moved to Surrey in the 1990’s where she completed a BA Hons degree at University of London and has worked as a freelance artist for many years. Working mainly as a sculptor her body of work has included some largescale pieces of public art as well as many private commissions. Major influences include David Nash, Sir Anthony Gormley, Andrew Goldsworthy and Serena de la Hay.

Working with the environment has involved the extensive use of willow withies as a medium in much of her work.  At times, she has stretched this medium to its limit with the intricate detail she has achieved. Always experimenting with new materials her main focus and inspiration comes from working with natural, sustainable materials. Recently she has been developing ideas using mixed media and also experimenting with stone sculpture.

As well as public projects and private commissions Sara has worked extensively in schools, colleges, and community projects across several counties. As a tool for educating people she believes all learning can be embedded into sensory, creative actions. By using natural and sustainable materials as a medium she is certain that environmental awareness can be taught  through the tactile and tangible involvement with them.