How to make a Willow Dragonfly – video tutorial

Summer is a time when we love to get outside and create lots of fun willow crafts. One willow craft that has been most popular with children and adults has been our willow dragonflies. We first started making these back in the summer of 2009 when we were asked to run a creative workshop for […]

How to weave a willow sphere – New online course for beginners

‘How to Weave a Willow Sphere’ Greetings Willow Friends! OK, so we launched our signature course ‘How to Create a Willow Deer’ earlier this year and typically for me, I went about it the wrong way around!  Which is the story of my life. I always ran before I walked and spent a lot of time […]

Benefits of planting living willow sculptures and garden features

Here in the UK, the willow cutting and planting season starts from November through to early April. It is a fairly short season and one we always look forward too! There are plenty of living willow projects and ideas out there you only have to google living willow to see what others have created to […]

How to prepare willow for sculpture & craft – TIPS & ADVICE

Hey Willow friends! We thought it might be helpful for some of you who are new to working with willow, especially the sculptural side of things, to know which type of willow we prefer to use for sculptural projects and how we carry out our willow preparation. We also thought it would be useful for […]

8 GREAT reasons to start working with willow

My mother and I have been working and crafting with willow for many years. My mother has been sculpting for almost twenty years and I begun learning & working with her about ten years ago. During this time we’ve come to recognize and understand many of the core reasons why we continue to create and […]