recycled art in schools

We have run many successful projects in schools, with local councils and community groups using creativity to raise awareness of   plastic pollution. Workshops at festivals and big events where the general public can get involved in creating a recycled work of art have   been very popular.
 Young people are particularly open to these ideas and we have organised high profile projects which have attracted a lot of attention   such as the ‘Joey’ the warhorse, created and then painted by children and adults as part of Wokings ‘Party in The Park’ Celebration.
 He then went on to adorn the foyer of The New Victoria Theatre for the duration of the production of ‘Warhorse’ which was held there. 


 Other projects have included schools and community groups creating an array of sculptures from robots to sea creatures.
We use  recycled materials in our workshops linking sustainability to curriculum areas and your school’s environmental action plan. 
 We work with schools or groups guiding their ideas, integrating with them with curriculums and outcomes 
This is an activity which every key stage can take part in. A typical project may run over two days.  
Creating up to 5 sculptures, working with many groups from across the key stages in sessions throughout the day, allowing most students to take part.
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